Story Moments

(003). School, Work, and Seminars?

Being a student of Forensic Psychology means a lot more than just attending classes. There are seminars and conferences that are recommended as well, and the topics range from human resilience to violence to commencements.

They are all interesting in their own way, and most of the time it the presentation goes longer than a few hours some sort of free food is available. As a poor graduate student, the latter is the real reason behind my attendance, but I suppose most are already aware of this fact.

The conference I went to on the 8th revolved around the resilience of the human spirit and mass shootings. Starting at 9 and going until 5, this conference had a lot to say, and the lively debate that took place was an experience I would gladly do over. Sometimes it is easy to forget that people have wildly differing opinions and they are able to talk about them in an educated, enlightening manner. It didn’t feel petty participating in this event, because all sides were given equal opportunities to speak and the other attendees listened and contributed when needed.

Taking the day off of work to go to this was definitely worth it, until I got home and remembered I was still in the middle of midterms.

Studying for these midterms is a daunting experience I was not quite prepared for, because the amount of studying I actually did was minuscule. If midterms don’t exactly go well, perhaps I’ll be more prepared for finals.

Though, knowing my study habits, or lack thereof, that’s almost laughable.


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